I've been introduced to this song by my cousin just a few days ago.. she sent me a voice note of her singing the song at the bus stop and I listened to it so many times. It was recently represented at the New Creation Church's youth camp "Legacy", which my cousin attended. This song captured me right at the very beginning and before I knew it, I was humming along to the lyrics and I've replayed the voice note 8 times. 

So when Nasya, my cousin, whatsapped me the whole worship sesh the next morning I listened to it right after I woke up. I intended to only listen for 10 minutes max for the song, but ended up listening to the 1 hour worship session all by myself in my bedroom, soaked in tears. Tears of gratefulness and amaze to realise that yes, our God is good and faithful. This song has touched my soul to a great extent and it has been tugging my heart ever since. 
This is a worship song that I just want to share with you guys so that you'd be blessed, and I want to bring you closer to God :) and maybe for those who feel a bit far away from Him, or don't really know who God is, this is just another way to share a bit of His love and His presence and the hope that I personally find in His name. 

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