On this particular day I woke up early to the sound of heavy rain, which was not necessarily a bad thing, in fact I enjoyed it big time. One of my favourite things to do in the morning is to read my devotional, spending one-on-one time with the Most High - this time accompanied by Captain by Hillsong United which I think is a really wonderful song. I've known this song since it came out but it was only last week that I really paid attention to the lyrics, and I was sold. 

Through waters uncharted my soul will embark
I'll follow Your voice straight into the dark
And if from the course You intend I depart
Speak to the sails of my wandering heart

Anyways right at this moment I am left with just one exam scheduled for coming Wednesday, followed by my birthday a few days after that. Crazy times! I'm beyond excited to finally have a decent amount of sleep and healthy food. 

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