Spring two years ago. 

The yellow flowers, the sun and the light breeze...oh, and my friends(!) Okay, so we need to rewind back a bit, back to when I was still a high school student and had a little day trip to Northern France with the rest of our year. I remember that day we had an absolute blast since it would be our last school trip together as a whole, and the weather was just a bit chilly-but-not-too-chilly, and the view was just unquestionably taking our breaths away.

We spent about one hour on this beautiful rapeseed field and this was nothing short of utilitarian Elizabeth, and by that I mean I was multitasking between shooting on film, on my DSLR and snapping on my iPhone. This juggling activity is warranted (and attempted by most) when the weather was so nice (in fact it started raining the moment we left the field); meaning that each and every single one of us was taking selfies... and group photos... and jump photos... But anyways my friends Cato, Linde and I headed off and had our own impromptu 'photoshoot' between these beautiful flowers, shot by our friend Nathan. My other blogpost on this trip is here.

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