Orvieto is one of the places that I am longing to go back again now. It was one of those March afternoons that makes you melancholic. We decided to enter the Orvieto's Duomo (which was the main reason we went there) and it really mesmerized me. It offered me a moment of meditation while I was walking in a state of melancholy among the exquisite and precise details of the dome.

Such a shame we couldn't take pictures of the inside, and even though we could, I don't think I could've done justice to the results. The dome is something where wealth, fame and dignity unite in a powerful atmosphere. We also visited Naples, which I don't have any pictures of. After a long day we went to our hotel in Vico Equense and I thought I could stay there forever. The view from our room was just breathtaking, we stayed at the Grand Hotel Moon Valley.

I am on passover break, are you? :)

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