Again, a super short entry from when I was in Paris in October. No matter how many times I've been to this city I was still so very excited to be there. Took the high-speed train to Paris first time in the morning, and arrived in just one hour and 30 minutes! It was so amazing - we passed by Haussmann buildings and that's when I knew the train has reached its destination.

It was my first time travelling to Paris by train but for some reason everything felt familiar and I didn't get anxious at all! Praise the Lord! Being able to speak French has helped a lot, too, because when I lost my way to the hotel I was able to ask a passerby to show me the way :-) I was there with my cousin Michelle and I was so happy to see her again... We were pretty much having a laid back trip and Paris was definitely the perfect city to catch up in.

We went to Disneyland on our second day and it definitely was the highlight of our short trip to Paris. The whole day we didn't hear any kid crying, everyone was all smiles! The most magical place it is, indeed.


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