From the red gates as soon as you enter, to the little pathways for you to walk on, this beautiful garden has 'Asia' written all over it. I instantly found my imagination running wild as I imagined what stories the buildings had to tell. Eventually as we were running out of time (we had a surprise birthday party for our friend which you can see here) we made our way further into the garden and prepared our little picknick under a tree. 

The vibes were equally as lovely as the garden itself. The garden has a Japanese tower and a Chinese pavilion, along with a few other buildings. It definitely felt like I was in Japan / China and just me being the avid historical Asian drama watcher since I was a kid (I'm thinking of Jewel in the Palace......) I was over the moon. I highly recommend going with a few friends and spending a leisurely afternoon wandering around the stunning surroundings in the summer! We went in March and although we were extremely blessed with the weather on this day you never know, it's Belgium we're talking about. 

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